I help creative professionals who struggle with organizing their ideas and tasks build a flexible system in Notion to achieve greater clarity, efficiency, and confidence in sharing their work.

Hi! I'm Jenny

Working as a Designer at a content marketing agency, I constantly juggled the assets for multiple projects and clients. I wanted to have control over what I needed so I could focus on my favorite part of projects: creation.

My coworkers and clients were the first to tell me they noticed how much I loved my work. I started sharing what I know as a coach and became a Notion certified consultant to continue sharing how I find flow in my work with my clients.

Today, I'm dedicated to helping creatives organize their ideas and work so they can confidently communicate their purpose.

Annie N.

Mixed Media Artist and Storyteller

"Jenny's coaching and accountability style is very open and compassionate. She'll work with what you have and is wonderful about crafting the next achievable steps for you without judgment."

Elizabeth R.

Art Director

"I often times avoid taking on projects out of fear that I won't do my best, but in doing this it's helped me feel more confident in tackling what I've been putting off."

Armand K.

Multimedia Artist

"If you’re looking to become more focused and organized in what you're trying to accomplish, Jenny will definitely get you on the right path. After only an hour with her, it changed my whole workflow immensely."